5 Basic Tips for Cosplay Wig Styling

Hi Everyone And Welcome To A New Video Today I Want To Show You Five Simple Tips For Wig Styling Today I'm Here With My Best Buddy Woody Waiting Weirdy Wigington It Was Supposed To Be A Carlin Week But It Was A Super Cheap Wig It's Fine If We Sacrifice This Week For Educational Purpose So Let's Start Cutting Weeks


This Is How You Should Not Cut A Wig Never Make Any Straight Cuts As This Will Only Result In Unnatural And Uneven Fringes In Short It Just Looks Plain Instead You Should Move The Scissors Up And Down Applying Just A Bit Of Pressure Some Strands Will Be Longer Some Shorter Which Will Result In The Natural And Soft Hairline I'm Using Simple Haircutting Scissors Here Comb The Hair Every Few Cuts Or So To See Where The Hair Isn't Even Yet And Can Do With A Bit More Trimming I Also Like To Further Thin The Hair Moving The Scissors Vertically From Lu To End Here I'm Just Trying To Fix The Other Side As Good As Possible For The Following Styling Tip If They're Just A Few Single Hairs That Are Too Long You Can Cut Them By Holding The Service At An Angle But Never Horizontally Adding


Volume I'm Taking My Teasing Brush And Remove Old Hair First Because I'm Gross Start Using All The Layers From Top To Bottom Leave The Very First Layer Outside Can Lay Clean On Top Of The Messy Teased Part [Music] I'm Using A Bit Of Hairspray Here I'm Also Using My Hair Dryer On The Hottest Setting To Fixate Everything Then I'm Gently Brushing The Hair Down Be Careful Not To Brush Out Too Much Of The Teased Hair Adding Volume Will Always Shorten The Hair A Bit So Keep That In Mind While You're Trimming The Hair I Also Stand Out The First Layer A Bit So It Falls Nicely And Doesn't Look Too Harsh Covering The Rest Of The Week At The End I'm Using A Bit Of Hairspray To Fixate Everything [Music] Here's Before And After It's Subtle But It Has A Big Effect Simple Ponytail Ponytails Can Be Really Annoying To Make And If I Don't Have Them There For That I Just Sheet When You Try Making A Regular Ponytail It Ends Up Showing Widths And Your Actual Hair Underneath Because The Wefts Are Normally Sewn In In A Way That Covers Them When You're Wearing The Hair Down To Prevent That I Simply Grab The Hair By The Lower End Of The Wig And Then Tie It Into A Ponytail I'd Recommend Using Pins To Fix The Wig In Place I'm Attaching A Second Hairband At A Slight Distance That Allows Me To Throw The Wig Into Its Base At The Position Of The Second Hairband There's An Even Simpler Method Instead Of Sewing It In Place You Can Use A Hair Clip It's Faster But Not As Stable Adding A Bit Of Hairspray And Some Styling And We're Done Spikes First I Cut A Few Strands


Just So That I Have A Rough Length For The Spike Then I Start Teasing The Hair I Occasionally Blow-Dry The Hair And Use Hairspray And Some More Teasing And Teasing Teasing Did I Say Teasing I Now Cut The Extra Hair Adjusting The Length [Music] The Spike Should Now Stand In An Upright Position All By Itself So You Can Carefully Use Your Fingers Or Comb To Mold It Into The Desired Shape [Music] You Should Use Some Additional Hairspray And A Blow-Dryer To Further Fixate The Ends With Knife Teasing In Hairspray They Shouldn't Collapse That Easily


Curls A Twist And Turn The Strands Into Little Curls And Fixate Them With Clips [Music] Then I Use My Trusty Steamer I Carefully Steam The Curls The Steam Heats Up The Hair And Changes The Texture From Straight To Curly If You Want To Make That Effect Even Stronger You Can Use A Simple Plastic Bag The Back Will Keep The Steam In Place A Bit Longer But Be Careful Not To Burn Your Hand On The Steam Exiting The Bottom Of The Bag Give The Wick A Few Hours Of Resting Time And Wait For The Curls To Completely Dry Then You Can Remove The Clips [Music] You Can Either Leave The Strands As Well-Defined And Curly As They Are Or Brush Them Out Into A Natural Wavy Look [Music] So Yeah That Were My Five Basic Wig Styling Tips I Completely Ruined This Week Here Just For You Please Appreciate It It's Going Right Into The Trash I Hope It Was Helpful For You I Hope You Learned Something If You Liked The Video Please Leave A Like And Subscribe And We See You Next Time Again Please Be Careful Not To Come Out What You Just Spend All This Back Home Being On Again Please Be Careful If You Come Out What Would You Spend All Those Dregs [Music] Okay Again Please Be Careful Not To Come Out What You've Just Been Involved Again Please Be Careful Not To Come Out Would You Spend That Mark I Met Spikes Not The One From Buffy I Was Forced To Do That Joke It's Not