HOW TO Put on a Lace Front Wig CORRECTLY! | Styled by Esther

This blog article offers a thorough analysis of the steps necessary to install lace front wigs effectively, with an emphasis on new developments and methods. This revised book provides useful insights for both new and seasoned users, drawing on the knowledge of famous Melbourne, Australia-based wig stylist, drag queen, and makeup artist Esther X.

First of all,

An exploration of the importance of lace front wigs in the context of theatrical makeup and drag culture.
Describes the goal and parameters of the blog post and emphasizes the necessity of a current examination of wig application methods.

Background of the Author:

A thorough introduction to Esther X that highlights her vast background in makeup artistry, drag performance, and wig styling.An explanation of Esther X's YouTube channel and her dedication to offering instructive videos about drag culture and wig style.

Justification for the Update:

an explanation of the choice to update the wig application techniques training video from before.
Talk about how Esther X's makeup artistry has changed over time and her aim to give the public fresh information.

Step 1: Cutting Lace with Precision:A thorough explanation of how crucial it is to trim the lace on lace front wigs precisely in order to get a natural look.Examining typical lace cutting obstacles and possible solutions.
The semi-circular cutting technique is demonstrated and customized to each person's hairline form and desire.

Step 2: Measures to Prepare:
wig caps' function in wig application is examined, along with any potential disadvantages.examination of substitute techniques for wearing wigs, such applying glue on sideburns for maximum adherence.advice on how to take care of long hair beneath wigs, including the possibility of using cosmetics to hide hair.

Step 3: Apply the Wig Methodically:explanation of the right alignment methods and the significance of centering while placing lace front wigs on the head.How to prevent common mistakes like turning the wig over and tips on keeping the style intact.

Step 4: Methods for Applying Adhesive:introduction to spirit gum, the recommended glue for attaching wigs with lace fronts.Various brands of spirit gum are compared, and Kryolan spirit gum is suggested based on its effectiveness and skin sensitivity.a detailed walkthrough of applying spirit gum that emphasizes accuracy in placement and the use of stocking material for smoothing.

In summary:a breakdown of the essential procedures for putting lace front wigs, emphasizing the need of paying close attention to details.Reminds us how important lighting and distance are to getting the perfect appearance, especially in dramatic settings.An appeal to the audience to participate in Patreon, leave comments, and subscribe.

Final Words:

Thank you for your support and participation, viewers and customers.dedication to the continuous development of material and the investigation of many subjects related to drag culture and wig style.
A heartfelt farewell and a request for visitors to come back for more tutorials and updates.

The scholarly format of this outline offers a methodical approach to a thorough investigation of lace front wig application methods, utilizing Esther X's knowledge and perspectives. You can make changes as needed to fit the particular tone and structure of your blog article.