Sweat, horsehair and bugs: the lowdown on legal wigs

Narrator: The wheat costs $1,350, which is a substantial price for the layperson. However, in the world of barrister wigs, it is a lifelong investment. Step inside Ludlow's, where history meets artistry and every wig has a story.

Wig Overview.

Narrator: Meet the typical barrister's wig, a classic item used by legal luminaries throughout Australia. These wigs, made of horsehair and nylon, are long-lasting. But underlying their majestic appearance is a history of wear and strain.

Narrator: Ludlow's is more than simply a wig shop; it is about sustaining heritage. We meticulously restore wigs that have survived years of judicial fights, with some even housing unexpected guests.

Narrator: Then there's the illusive full-bottom wig, worn only on rare occasions by QCs in Sydney and Brisbane. A very unusual sight, with a centuries-long history.

Vegan wig

Narrator: However, Ludlow's is not confined by tradition alone. In an age of shifting morals, we offered a vegan wig as a sign of modernity in a traditional profession.


Narrator: Despite the severity of court procedures, there are moments of comedy. From abandoned robes to unexpected outfits, Ludlow's has seen it all. Even a QC in ugg boots and shorts, who is now a fixture at the bar, serves as a reminder that every journey starts small.

Historical Context.

Narrator: The use of wigs in the legal profession dates back to the 1700s in London. As a symbol of equality, they leveled the playing field, ensuring that activists were assessed on their words rather than their apparel.

A Journey With Ludlow's

Narrator: For Richard, Ludlow's has been more than just a job; it's been an adventure. His employment spans two decades, from naïve salesperson to valued guardian of legal tradition, and has been defined by friendships and mentorship.

Narrator: At Ludlow's, it's more than simply wigs; it's about honor. Respecting tradition, workmanship, and the history of those who came before.


Narrator: Ludlow's, where every wig tells a tale and every barrister discovers their voice.