What Makes A Wig Look FAKE?!

Hey there, wig enthusiasts! Welcome back to Wigs with Steph. I'm Steph, and today we're diving deep into the topic of what makes a wig look fake. With the increasing popularity of online wig shopping, it's crucial to know the telltale signs of artificiality. Let's explore the key factors together.

1. Density Matters:
One of the first things I look for when purchasing a wig is its density or thickness. As someone with petite features, including a smaller face and head circumference, finding the right balance is essential. Too much volume can easily tip the scale into the realm of artificiality. I aim for a density between 130% to 150% for human hair wigs, ensuring a natural look without overwhelming my petite frame.

2. Understanding Cap Design:
The cap design plays a significant role in a wig's realism. Whether it's a lace front or hard front, understanding how different cap constructions impact the overall appearance is crucial. While both have their pros and cons, the presence of bangs can help conceal a hard front, providing a more natural look.

3. Bleached Knots:
The visibility of knots along the wig's hairline can be a dead giveaway of its artificial nature. Opting for wigs with bleached knots helps create a seamless transition, mimicking the appearance of natural hair growth. While some may argue against bleaching knots for durability reasons, I find the aesthetic benefits outweigh the concerns.

4. Dimensional Color:
Wigs with dimensional color, such as those featuring shadow roots and highlights, tend to appear more realistic than solid-colored wigs. The interplay of different shades adds depth and texture, akin to freshly styled salon hair. Additionally, shadow roots help blend the wig seamlessly with any existing hair, enhancing the overall illusion.

In the quest for the perfect wig, attention to detail is key. By considering factors such as density, cap design, knot bleaching, and dimensional color, we can elevate our wig game to new heights of realism. Thanks for joining me on this journey, and don't forget to subscribe for more wig-related content. Until next time, stay fabulous!