How to Straighten Your Synthetic Wig Like A PRO

Before starting, gather the necessary tools: a mannequin head, a clamp to secure it to a surface, fine-tooth and wide-tooth combs or a dedicated wig brush for detangling and straightening, sectioning clips, silicone spray, and pins to secure the wig on the mannequin head.

Begin by setting your straightener to 250°F (or within the recommended range of 275 to 300°F). Section off the wig, starting with a small amount of hair at the bottom. Brush out each section to ensure it's tangle-free before straightening.

The key to achieving a professional look is to move slowly, using a fine-tooth comb in front of the straightener. If a section isn't perfectly straight after the first pass, repeat the process until satisfied. Continue this method section by section.

Once one layer is straightened, unclip and move to the next section, repeating the process. Focus particularly on the top layers for a smooth finish.

After straightening, assess if any areas need further attention, such as kinks at the front. Adjust as necessary.

Finish by generously spraying silicone spray over the wig, focusing on the ends to restore softness and smoothness. Avoid over-spraying at the top to prevent a greasy appearance.

Remember, synthetic wigs will retain their style until heat-styled again, making silicone spray essential for maintaining their appearance.

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